Managing Expectations

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This is a highly underappreciated concept and I see a lot of small businesses do themselves a lot of harm by not managing expectations properly. They want the sale so they promise the sun and the moon and end up being the reason they disappointed their own clients. It’s much better to under-promise and overdeliver. … Read more

Overworking Employees

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This is a common issue that most business owners don’t realize how damaging what they do actually is to their own business. I can think of at least two businesses I’ve worked for or with that definitely made things much worse for themselves by overworking employees. Of course every employer wants to get the most … Read more

Thriving Businesses Need Thriving Employees

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Few businesses are dependent on the owner alone. One of the hardest things about growth is finding good help but even once you found good help, your management of them will dictate how well they and your company do. Having worked on both sides of the employer-employee relationship, I know it can be hard to … Read more

Hire People Better Than You and Get Out of Their Way

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A lot of business owners have a bad habit of being too controlling. Among other things, this can cause them to not let people thrive to their full potential. It can be a habit of wanting to be right, they feel they have to be the expert at everything. After all, if the employee is … Read more

Health Insurance for the Self-Employed

One of the biggest reasons people hesitate to leave typical employment and start their own business is health insurance. This is a very valid and good reason to hesitate, but there are solutions. Even very small businesses can qualify for health insurance. As little as two full-time employees can be enough to get health insurance … Read more

Common Illegal Mistakes Made By Employers

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I can’t tell you how many employers I’ve watched knowingly or unknowingly break the law. Seriously, every business owner should take at least specific classes at a community college (or an equivalent class online or at least read a book!) and employment law is probably at the top of the list. Payroll There are lots … Read more

Employee vs Independent Contractor

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Many small business owners try to call employees independent contractors in order to save money on payroll taxes and workers comp. It is not an option, it’s not up to you. The IRS has clear rules about this and they are surprisingly clear for government rules. True Independent Contractors The best example of a true … Read more

Hourly vs Salary

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Many employers try to count employees as salary to get more work out of them without paying overtime. This is illegal. There are rules in place already, it’s not just up to the employer to decide. First, let’s clarify that salary means exempt from overtime, so you’ll see it referred to as exempt (salary) vs … Read more

Right to Work vs Employment at Will

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This is one issue I’ve heard for a long time, many people call “employment at will” right to work. These are two very different issues and you should be familiar with both, at least at a basic level. Right to Work The term right to work refers to states where people have the right to … Read more

Don’t Force Square Pegs Into Round Holes

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This is a common mistake that many entrepreneurs make. They have an idea of what they need and find someone who is close to what they need, more or less. But when that person doesn’t check every box the business owner pictured in their head, then it can go sour. Most business owners will either … Read more