Hire People Better Than You and Get Out of Their Way

A lot of business owners have a bad habit of being too controlling. Among other things, this can cause them to not let people thrive to their full potential. It can be a habit of wanting to be right, they feel they have to be the expert at everything. After all, if the employee is better than the boss at something, then why aren’t they the boss? The reality is that this mindset can hurt your business, sometimes lethally. If you hear enough successful business owners speak about their success, you’ll hear certain things come up over and over. One is that they’ve failed, often a lot. The difference is they learn from their failures and don’t take it as a reason why they can never succeed. Another is that they know their own limitations. You can own an HVAC company and have an employee (or more than one) who is even better at HVAC than you are. That’s a good thing.

Other business owners recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and know the business will be much better off if they bring in someone better at those tasks than they are. A restaurant owner may be an amazing cook but not a great bartender. Does it make sense to bring in a bartender even worse than the owner so the owner doesn’t feel threatened or to bring in a great bartender and let him do what he’s great at? This doesn’t mean the owner doesn’t have the right to oversee the bar and veto things when necessary, but the best thing the owner can do is stick to what he’s good at (cooking) and stay out of the bartender’s way of succeeding. If the owner can set aside his pride and let that bartender truly thrive, the owner will probably have a thriving restaurant and a thriving bar without the headache of having to deal with anything with the bar.

So let it go. Accept your weaknesses and limitations (even if those limitations are just because of time, you don’t have time to do everything even if you are the best at it all, which you aren’t). Hire great people and get out of their way.